Trump – the Power of PR?

It was another bad night for pollsters and experts.  A lot has been written – and a lot more is going to be written – about the campaign run by Donald Trump that has seen him elected to the US Presidency.

Donald Trump tore up the campaigning rulebook. He has won at a point when it was widely believed that shifting demographics was making it impossible for ANY Republican to be elected President.

But two observations to give heart to PR people.

First, there is some evidence here that a PR-led campaign with an added social media dimension has, if you’ll excuse the pun, trumped the traditional advertising-led campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Securing masses of free print and broadcast coverage would appear to have given Trump an edge.

And second, the campaign offers some evidence that a singular, emotionally engaging story had far more of an impact than Clinton’s carefully scripted, rational key messages. This is not to say that Trump was either intellectually or factually correct or indeed coherent but there was little doubt for what his supporters were voting.

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