Media Training Programme

Media Training

We provide media training so your spokespeople get the message right first time, every time.  We help you to manage your corporate reputation.

The core of our offer over the last 30 years has been our communications and media training. Every presentation and media training session is tailored. We go with the grain of participants’ personalities and build their confidence and skills throughout the day. And you’ll often hear laughter in our office and broadcast studios. People learn faster and better when they’re relaxed and enjoying themselves.

We recommend that you come to our central London TV and radio studios just by the BBC in Oxford Circus. This means spokespeople can be trained in a genuine media environment, free from the distractions of the office. We have two TV studios – one is set up with red sofas in the style of breakfast TV; the other a more formal, across the desk arrangement. Both have full ‘down-the-line’ capability so spokespeople can realistically practise this important type of remote interview. Our fully BBC spec’d radio studio means that spokespeople can practise one-to-one media interviews, panel discussions and phone-ins. But if you want us to work on location at your offices, that is not a problem. We will send a technician with all the necessary camera, sound and lighting equipment to support the journalist – leaving them free to focus on your spokespeople not worrying about the technology!

Our Media & Communication Training Programmes

Standard Media Training

Tailored training with lots of practice and feedback for up to six participants teaching them what to say and how to say it

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One-to-one and Advanced Media Training

Bespoke, confidential sessions for CEOs, Directors, high profile individuals, entrepreneurs, politicians and celebrities.  More »

Presentation and Public Speaking Training

Practical courses for individuals or small groups to learn how to structure, script and deliver speeches.  More »

Coaching To Handle Parliamentary Committees

Coaching CEOs and other leaders to prepare for parliamentary committees and other moments of intense scrutiny. More »