Crisis Media Training

No one expects you to be immune to crisis. But they do expect you to manage incidents professionally and in a manner that is in keeping with your brand positioning.

The best preparation for a crisis situation is to be trained by the very people who put organisations under this scrutiny: journalists. For your nightmare crisis is a journalist’s dream assignment.

We train your spokespeople how to stand firm in the face of hostile and persistent questioning – whether being doorstepped, giving 1-2-1 broadcast interviews or delivering press conferences – and how to use the strength of your brand to deflate emotions and build support with the audience.

What is natural to Communications professionals – to always consider crisis from the outside in and communicate messages which reflect the interests and concerns of your stakeholders (People, Environment, Property and only then Finance – in that order) is often new to spokespeople. We help spokespeople to understand what Communications teams are trying to achieve during crisis and how they should communicate using the C.A.P. process: Express Concern, Commit to Action, Offer Perspective.

By the end of the session, participants will have a thorough understanding of how the media covers crisis, how to manage the flow of information to the media, how to communicate your key messages, whatever the situation and the skills to handle hostile media interviews effectively. Call us on 0207 323 2770.Please explore our other services: media training

Case Study

Managing Director, Andrew Caesar-Gordon, guides you through Richard Branson’s powerful human response to the Virgin Train Cumbrian Crash.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was thought provoking, very interesting and enjoyable. I hope I never have to put the training to the test in a crisis situation, but if I do, I will certainly feel more comfortable and prepared. The tutor was full of energy and enthusiasm. Made the group feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you for a great day!”


“Despite feeling that we are relatively media-savvy, we all learnt an enormous amount, whilst being entertained and informed at the same time. You ensured a rather intimidating-sounding day of crisis communications was turned into a hugely profitable day, addressing communications issues with confidence and humour.”

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