We help you to know both what to say and how to say it.

Few organisations have a corporate story that employees from top to bottom can tell simply and with conviction. A story that in a few words instantly engages audiences emotionally and rationally. One that stands true in the good times and the bad. One that frames and contextualises your media interviews, your presentations and your corporate communications.

Identifying your corporate story is an extension of the message development work that has made our media and presentation training so effective over the last 30 years.

We combine the principles of branding and PR with the adversarial, questioning nature of journalism to search out clients’ company stories.

When we create a story with you, we ensure it can stand up to the toughest scrutiny – journalists.

We challenge your existing corporate story and stress test your messages. Are they clear, concise, compelling and truthful?

By the time we’re done testing what you should be saying, you’ll know exactly what to say about your company to get someone to say, ‘Tell me more!’

In addition to our media training we offer bespoke options such as a one day messaging session to support a new venture or manage an issue, a week long project to integrate the story into an annual report or launch a new product or a two month process to discover the best way to talk about your organisation, we have a flexible methodology that will unearth your core story.

Use the link to ask us for a more detailed explanation of how our Corporate Story service works.  Or simply give us a call on 020 7323 2770.

“I love our 10 word story and [CEO] Paul just sent me a note to say he thought it was a great session and great result.”


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