Coaching for Parliamentary Committee Appearances

In recent years, some Parliamentary Committee hearings have taken on the air of ‘public courts’. This can cause individuals appearing before committees to feel intimidated and nervous, and hinder their ability to communicate effectively. Electric Airwaves has worked at the highest levels, preparing CEOs and other senior managers to present confidently and effectively in front of Parliamentary hearings. Core to our approach is that if you don’t want MPs to shoot the messenger, then you must sharpen the message.

We roleplay the Select Committee hearing with you sitting before a panel that fires questions and dissects your answers. These are recorded and played back for analysis. We advise on the strategies, techniques and devices that will enable your spokespeople to become powerful communicators of your story, along with the dos and don’ts of appearing before the Committee.

Like all our training, this is about being honest and constructive. Our training sessions typically:

  • Help you understand what is expected of you by a Parliamentary committee and how to answer questions clearly and concisely;
  • Identify an overarching narrative to your presentation that you can be confident will stand up to the toughest scrutiny. It allows you to anchor your presentation, particularly if the questioning becomes hostile; and
  • Offer lots of practice to build confidence and fluency, anticipate the difficult questions and identify engaging and compelling answers that use the right language and tone to resonate with Committee members.
Select Committee

“The training helped tremendously … [for] an appearance before a House of Lord committee and public presentations on cyber security. Knowing how to shape a quote that is likely to be used has also been really helpful. Professionally it is incredibly satisfying to know that I can give interviews and brief journalists to get an engineering view across on a topic that is easy to trivialise.”

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I’m just glad it’s all over and can’t thank you … enough for the assistance in preparing for the session. I dread to think how it would have gone without the time spent … absolutely invaluable. If you ever need someone to give an overview of the benefits and importance of coaching before select committees then I most definitely the man for the job!

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