We serve the needs of Communications teams who require the best media, crisis and presentation training for their spokespeople. So that they will tell your story confidently and effectively, improving the metrics of reputation on which you are judged.

You need the best media trainer not just to stop your spokespeople cocking up – but to actively change the way audiences respond to you. This requires more than learning a few basic interview techniques.


Unlike ordinary media trainers, Electric Airwaves teaches your spokespeople what to say – as well as how to say it. It means that people trained by us can tell an engaging and compelling story that audiences will notice and act upon.


Whether for a global CEO, an entrepreneur, a middle manager or the expert commentator in your organisation, we deliver the highest quality media training enjoyed by many FTSE 100 companies, global brands like Disney, Proctor & Gamble and AirBnB and thousands of organisations – large and small – in the private, public and third sectors.

Why Choose Electric Airwaves?

People often tell us that they think their media trainer does a good enough job. Then they work with us and realise the step change in value and outcomes that our training methodology gives their spokespeople.

With 70 print and broadcast journalists operating globally since 1983 from our central London TV and radio studios, we are the UK’s largest and best media training company.

Try us out. Measure us against your current media trainer and discover how we live up to our own reputation.

Industry Leading Media Training

Tailored training with lots of practice and feedback for up to six participants teaching them what to say and how to say it.
More »

Presentation Training and Public Speaking

Practical courses for individuals or small groups to learn how to structure, script and deliver speeches.  More »

Crisis Planning

Along with crisis media training, we audit, create and test your Crisis Communications plans, processes and people so you are prepared to defend your reputation during a crisis. More »


Coaching CEOs and other leaders to prepare for parliamentary committees and other moments of intense scrutiny. More »

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