Media Training Videos


We have created a range of 90 second videos to arm PROs and their spokespeople with some of the media training tools to communicate confidently and effectively. We trust that you will find them entertaining and informative.

Our story-led approach to media training is about finding an emotionally engaging and compelling narrative with which to frame and contextualise you messages and draw in your audience.

So enjoy also our series of 90 second animated videos which offer examples of how such stories enable organisations to enhance reputation in both the good times and the bad.

Media training – how to grip your audience from the first question

Cutting through the noise – Five ways your story can grab media attention



Media Training – How the BBC’s strong corporate story allowed it to manage the loss of the Great British Bake-off programme to Channel 4.

Lego – Watch how its singular corporate story guided it through a reputational crisis when attacked by Greenpeace over it’s marketing relationship with oil company, Shell.

Rolls Royce – See why the reputation of Rolls Royce withstood a corruption scandal and a £671m fine.

Media training – how to deliver a meaningful apology

Execs Who Flex – How To Speak To Different Types Of Journalist



Media training – Two entrepreneurs that provide great examples of how not to engage with the public and Parliamentary committees.

HMRC – Despite securing £130m in back-taxes from Google, HMRC failed to boost its reputation. How might HMRC tell a more compelling story about itself?

Uber – see why Uber’s reputation survives the PR gaffes of its CEO, Travis Kalanick.

Media training – how to do ‘down the line’ interviews

Media Training – Aldi and Lidl have strong brand stories. But they are putting their UK reputations at risk.

John Lewis – how a strong corporate story can secure you positive coverage even when announcing bad news. A storyt hey have been communicating consistently for 80 years.

Dixons Carphone – With the new GDPR rules, how soon should you publicise your data breach?

Media Training – Why 93% of communication is NOT non-verbal

Hiscox – B2B businesses can tell just as good a story as consumer brands. See how this insurer weaves its singular core story into day-to-day PR activity.

The Co-op – why despite having a strong corporate story, its reputation imploded, following a number of disastrous management decisions.

Should Your CEO Be On Twitter? – There are good reasons why not but fear shouldn’t be one of them.