Are you as positive about 2022 as our clients’ PROS?

Electric Airwaves’ brand new Carnaby Street TV and radio studios have been busy this month serving the needs of Communication teams who need their spokespeople to communicate an engaging and compelling story confidently and effectively.

In anticipation of the government lifting its ‘work from home’ guidance – as it did this week – there was a significant increase in calls from clients old and new looking to book our media, crisis and presentation training. Some of it is pent up demand – training that was postponed during the pandemic as corporate media opportunities were overshadowed by so much news relating to Covid. But it is encouraging that so many clients’ communication teams are reporting that their organisation is more confident and optimistic, ramping up investment, marketing and communication activity.

Despite the damage wrought by the pandemic to so many – whether personal or business – I am cheerful for 2022. How could I not be? One client inquiry this week was a holiday company, another an airline and a third is a consumer company in Ukraine who doesn’t believe the Russians will invade.

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