We Prepare Your Team To Respond Effectively Online To Issues & Crises

Our Crisis90 seminar is a 90 minute, online, interactive desktop exercise that PR teams use to train how to manage online communications effectively during a crisis.

Fostering teamwork and collaborative thinking, the session allows participants to practice responding appropriately and effectively to issues that may emerge online, in a private, secure environment.


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With the largest team of trainers, the deepest knowledge base and some of the world’s leading organisations as clients, Electric Airwaves coaches Communication teams and spokespeople to identify and tell their story in good times and in bad.

Read more about our media and crisis training courses here:

Basic Media Training  For people who are unused to doing media interviews and wish to master the core skills.

Standard Media Training  For people who are either experienced or likely to start with a strong aptitude or a good working knowledge of how an interview works.

Advanced Media Training  For people with experience who want to master the skills at a higher level.  This programme will prepare them for the most challenging interviewers and audiences.

Crisis Media Training  Preparation is everything when a crisis strikes.  We help you to prepare your key people and teams to deal with media interest and scrutiny through practical simulations.

Or contact us on team@electricairwaves.com to discuss your needs in detail.

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