Swiftly Publicising A Data Breach

In our latest two-minute animated video, we look at the balance you can strike between meeting the requirements of the new GDPR regulations for swiftly publicising a data breach and safeguarding your reputation when you do.

Within a week of GDPR going live, Dixons Carphone plc announced that its’ customer data had been routinely hacked for a year. Today, Ticketmaster revealed it discovered malware four days ago while the ICO regulator said that it had been notified of over a thousand breaches in a month.

Speed, accuracy and action to solve the problem are all keystones of crisis communication best practice. But what if you don’t really know the extent of the problem? Notifying the regulator of a breach within 72 hours is clear but informing those affected ‘without undue delay’ is more vague.

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