Article: Corporate Storytelling to Communicate Strategy

How To Unlock Enthusiasm For Your Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategies evolve with new CEOs and new products, after crises and acquisitions and as the world changes around you. Communicating a changed strategy is to communicate a new story.  Using corporate storytelling to communicate strategy requires that you create a bridge between the present and a well-defined future.

In this article our Managing Director, Andrew Caesar-Gordon, looks at what you need to address in order to define your story.

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Electric Airwaves is the leading provider of Media and Communications Training. Core to our work is defining and refining with our clients their singular, compelling story. We help organisations who are looking to change the way their market sees them – whether that is evolutionary or revolutionary. We blend the principles of journalism, PR and brand marketing to help organisations to communicate effectively ‘who you are’ so audiences can build trust and affinity with you – rather than the ‘what you do’ and ‘how you do it’.

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What we do

Basic Media Training  For spokespeople who are new to engaging with journalists, have probably not undertaken media interviews and need a ‘media 101’ to master the core skills.

Standard Media Training  For spokespeople who may have undertaken some gentle print interviews but you now want them to practice broadcast and more challenging print interviews.

Advanced Media Training  For those spokespeople who need a media handling refresher or those anticipating having to face particular interview formats and audiences.

Crisis Media Training  Preparing spokespeople for high pressure interviews when media scrutiny of a crisis situation or high profile issue is intense.

Crisis Communication Audits Reviewing how your crisis plans, processes and people match up against current best practice so you  can withstand intense media and stakeholder scrutiny and protect reputation

Reputation Risk Assessments  Taking an “outside-in” approach – we tease out the reputational risks you face that conventional risk audits overlook.

Crisis Simulation Exercises  The confidence to handle a crisis well requires regular training and testing. We run desk top and field simulations to ensure your people are ready to respond effectively.

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