Help Your Company Stand Our With Expert Media Training

Recent studies have shown that many people have switched off the news this year, thanks to being inundated with negative coverage. How can our media training help people to switch on instead?

When delivering any message via the media, maintaining a positive, balanced and knowledgeable approach can make all the difference.

A report in found that ‘constructive journalism’ is one way to cut above the negative influx of information (and often, misinformation). This means offering well-informed solutions to the issues raised, rather than just being critical. Impartiality can also make a difference in how a message is perceived.

A majority of people now get exposed to the media on social media. Media training can help you make the most of what’s often a short span of time to grab their attention.

Media training is an excellent way to teach people to put a positive spin on even the most negative stories.

From your use of language and your body language to avoiding unnecessary gaffes, there’s much more to media communication than just what we say. Electric Airways delivers media training courses that can prepare company spokespersons to be as effective as possible.

If your company needs experts in media training, discover more about Electric Airways today. Or simply check out our blog for more information.

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