Do You Need Expert Media Training In The UK?

With the US election grabbing all the headlines this week, many of us have been glued to media in its various forms. The ability to communicate the facts clearly and concisely is highly prized during this time, with the election having taken slightly longer than in the past.

Why use our media training in the UK?

It’s no longer just journalists that need to have strong media skills, with online videos and remote working making it more important than ever. Digital media has transformed the way companies communicate with their customers and clients. The ability to perform in front of the camera has never been valuable, whether you’re a spokesperson or on a communications team.

If your team needs to improve their media skills, Electric Airwaves offer professional media training for individuals and companies across the UK.

Our services include Crisis Media Training which can help you deal with any unexpected events which occur.

We can train spokespeople in how to stand firm in the face of hostile and persistent questioning. No matter if they’re being doorstepped, giving one-to-one broadcast interviews or delivering press conferences, they can remain unflappable and effective in front of the camera.

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