Are You Searching For Professional Media Training Courses?

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise in remote working, it’s more important than ever that businesses reach out using the latest technology. That includes using the media to their advantage.

While we have more ways to reach out than ever before, we are also more exposed than ever. People notice everything from our body language to our choice of wording. Negative media can have a massive impact on a company, not to mention individual people.

The way a company communicates bad news, for example, can harm their image. For instance, Cineworld was recently criticised because many of their staff only found out they were losing their job through Twitter.

With content like videos more important than ever, many businesses look to give their staff professional media training. This can help them thrive in today’s climate.

Our professional media training courses help them become more confident and effective in front of the camera, on the phone or radio. That way, it’s much easier to communicate your brand story to potential customers.

It will also make it easier to perform in work videos. Having video content can not only make your website more personalised but is highly important for SEO (search engine optimization). In these challenging times, having the ability to communicate remotely has never been more crucial.

Electric Airwaves is ideal for companies whose staff require professional media training courses.

Our clients include FTSE 100 companies and thousands in the private, public and third sectors who need this type of training. We can create confident, effective and engaging spokespeople who enjoy what they do.

Whether you’re looking for basic, standard or advanced courses, Electric Airwaves offers a variety of media training.

No matter if you’re looking to improve or expand your skills, our professionals are keen to help. Whatever the situation, your staff will be able to respond appropriately.

Our basic course in Media Awareness is ideal for frontline customer care staff, reception staff and security personnel. It is also great for middle managers who need to understand the external operating and reputational environment in which you operate.

If you’re looking for professional media training courses, find out more about Electric Airwaves today.

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